Through the power of digital receipts, Billeasy comes with a plethora of advantages, truly digitalising your business.
Save Paper Cost
Avoid the unnecessary expense of printing paper receipts by generating a digital copy.
Customer Relationship
Stay in touch with your customer through our platform to keep a one to one connect.
Social Responsibility (CSR)
Contribute to helping the environment by reducing your company's carbon footprint.
Targeted Marketing
Focused promotions targeted towards your returning customers for effective marketing.
Unified Rewards Program
From digital loyalty cards to tailored value-added services to your customer, all on one seamless platform.
Live Analytics
Declutter your business by understanding your customer and products through in-depth analytics.
Business Analytics through Paperless Billing
  • Billeasy has seamlessly managed to address problems faced by consumers while truly revolutionizing the way decade old businesses do commerce. Bhavesh Jakhia (Director & CMO - OM Jewellers)

How does it all work?

All it takes is four steps and seven days to digitalise the way your business does commerce.

Day 1

You sign up with us

Day 3

We review & contact you

Day 5


Day 7

Your business go digital

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